What Baton Rouge Appraisers Can’t Say About Neighborhood Just North of LSU

What Baton Rouge Appraisers Can’t Say About Neighborhood Just North of LSU 


Did you see this news of no surprise?

According to this below, up to 10 people living in the new “GATED” University Edge Apartments were either robbed or attempted robbery.

“Investigators said suspects armed with guns broke into the apartment and demanded money from the people inside. They added one victim suffered moderate injuries after jumping out of a fourth floor bedroom window, while another has minor injuries from being beaten during the robbery. Detectives said the suspects stole money and other items from the apartment, and then on their way out, tried to rob six other people at gunpoint. They said Howard was caught as the group of suspects tried to get away.”

From WAFB January 23, 2014, ”

Home invasion/armed robbery leaves 2 injured, 1 arrested


See the 5 foot security gate around this newer very nice apartment development below?  

University Edge Apartments

And, this is nothing new for this neighborhood just north of LSU which is in the news fairly frequently for crime, rapes, occasional murders, etc.. It’s primarily a rental market for LSU Students of small homes and apartments, most are older homes.  Landlords in that area overall  don’t adequately maintain these rentals.

At http://ucrime.com/la/louisiana%20state%20university , it shows 49 records of all crimes taking place in and around LSU


So, what can’t Baton Rouge Home Appraisers say about this housing market where crime is well documented in the local press and just took place again this month, just blocks from the home I was appraising? 


In Baton Rouge Home Appraisal Reports, Baton Rouge Appraisers can’t talk about crime, murders, rapes or the home invasion that just took place. And, I’m not talking about up to 1 mile away in “South Baton Rouge Subdivision”.  I’m talking about the streets just north of LSU such as Aster, Iris, W Grant, W Mckinley, W Garfield, etc..

In January 2014, I completed a home appraisal on Iris Street just blocks north of LSU and it was very difficult describing that neighborhood without talking about ongoing “neighborhood dynamics in play” or the crime issues.  In home appraisals, the neighborhood description must be as bland as possible.  Crime obviously does impact home values and as long as Appraisers use comparable sales from the immediate area where crime impacts that market, then it’s OK NOT to accurately describe that neighborhood….or so Appraisers are instructed.

NOTE: University Edge Apartments image source is WAFB News
News article image of home invasion is via a screenshot of WAFB News article

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