Will Baton Rouge Homes With Garages Have More Value Than Carports?

Will Baton Rouge Homes With Garages Have More Value Than Homes With Just Open, Non Secure Carports?  I’m talking about protecting your automobiles and leaving one less door for a thief to break into. 

Garages versus Carports for better security
Garages versus Carports for better security

Baton Rouge Home Safety Concerns When Buying Your Next Baton Rouge House

Car Theft Thieves Caught After Hickory Ridge Subdivision Thefts
Car Theft Thieves Caught After Baton Rouge Hickory Ridge Subdivision Thefts, Image Source: WAFB News

3 Thieves breaking into cars at 2am in Hickory Ridge Subdivision, Baton Rouge 70817. Open Carports make for easy access to thieves. Thieves shoot someone trying to stop them which causes a high speed chase and eventual capture. With crime like this increasing, it would be wise to buy a home with a garage, install 6′ fencing to prevent burglaries of autos and/or convert an open carport into an enclosed more secure parking area.

Hickory Ridge Subdivision
Hickory Ridge Subdivision

Builders don’t do you any favors when they build homes with open non secure carports. It saves them money and makes for a higher profit margin.

Think before buying your next home. 

WAFB News: Sheriff’s office releases name of men arrested in Coursey shooting.

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