Baton Rouge Appraiser Photos From The Field – Walking Away and Rebuilding NICE

bill-cobb-appraisersThese are the some of the Greater Baton Rouge Home Appraisal photos from the field I’ve taken and or from late 2016 – interesting things an Appraiser sees during a typical day in Greater Baton Rouge. It seems like everyday I’m out in the field, I realize just how far reaching those August 2016 Great Flood waters reached 5.5 months ago…and wreaked havoc on our residents homes on mental state. Some of the work I perform is for draw inspections where I have drive out to determine what percent of recovery construction has been completed. Some people I find are so exhausted and some reinvigorated. Some are losing patience over not being able to find cabinets and reliable contractors. However, the most encouraging and rewarding part is watching families rebuild their lives and then eventually move back into their homes.

Some of these photos are from recent Greater Baton Rouge Great Flood pre-listing appraisal assignments where it’s more difficult to determine what a flooded-renovated home should be priced at in a brand new housing market.

Flooded gutted home sold in Monticello Subdivision 70814

Non-flooded renovated home waiting for new owners in Ascension Parish

Destruction in Comite Estates Subdivision in Baton Rouge 70811 adjacent to Comite River. The signs of destruction in Comite Estates 5.5 months after is still mind blowing.

City of Central homeowner walked away during the flood – providing opportunity for an investor to renovate and flip this home.

All too familiar sight, FEMA trailers in front yards as flood victims rebuild their lives


An empty kitchen with new dyrwall but still waiting on cabinets

Flood water height in Victoria Gardens Subdivision in North Baton Rouge 70805

This renovation is in the Top 10 nicest I’ve ever seen in the $200’s. This designer thought of everything, so much cabinet space!

Flood water height in Comite Estates Subdivision 70811


I love seeing renovations like this one!

Shell of a home in Comite Estates, flooded, gutted and abandoned

Check out this Island Breakfast Bar!

That water line is on Elm Drive in North Baton Rouge 70805 and reached above my head and I’m 5 feet 9 inches

IMG 2027
North Baton Rouge residents tries to recover

IMG 2028
Flooded-gutted-beginning process of rebuilding

YAY! We have painted drywall the owner said…

Flood water level in North Baton Rouge was at the top of this car roof

In the mild Winter of January in City of Central, the wasp were trying to rebuild their nest. A mild Winter will help with flood recovery efforts.


A home rebuild in O’Neal Place 70816

What happened here? Buyer Beware!

And, some days I find encouragement and motivation within a home

Yes, a seller is trying sell this home with a gross microwave in this condition – not a flooded home.

NO TRESSPASSING – Homeowner about to be in foreclosure warns whoever is coming to take their home to stay away

IMG 3312
Flood-Renovated homeowner now trying to sell their home forgets to remove the flood water stains and silt from the windows. When one is standing in the bedroom, one can determine the flood water was 4 feet inside that bedroom.


Missing roofing shingles – why don’t homeowners check their roofs before they take out a mortgage to refinance or even try to sell their home? It’s going to have to be repaired, now, not later.

Rebuit from the studs in O’Neal Place 70816

IMG 8255
Oh Yes! Beauty in the country…

IMG 5779
4×4 with Rhino Lining Armor Coating on exterior

THE longest lap pool in a homeowners yard I’ve ever seen

New homeowner is about to move into this new DSLD Home in West Baton Rouge. A mild Winter is helping lessen construction delays.

Renovated home in City of Central Carmel Acres 70818

And, area Appraisers come together to learn how to appraise flooded homes via the HUD 203K Renovation Loan


Myself, Bill Cobb, and Lakes Charles Appraiser, Doug Ragusa attending the HUD 203K meeting.

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