Baton Rouge Real Estate: Perkins Rowe Proving To Be Desirable Hot Spot

Baton Rouge Real Estate: Perkins Rowe Proving To Be Desirable Hot Spot

Perkins Rowe Shopping Baton Rouge


The area around Perkins Rowe is enticing to me and my family. We love to spend time at CC’s Coffee House, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble Book Store, California Pizza Kitchen and shopping in general. Area subdivisions home owners are hoping and seeing their home values rising because of the close location to Perkins Rowe.  I’ve included two (2) recent article showing strong demand to be close to Perkins Rowe, a 2 acre lot purchase and the recent appraisal showing a 10% increase in value over the past year.  Enjoy!  Bill Cobb, Home Appraiser

Perkins Rowe Baton Rouge

Saban’s wife buys land at Perkins Rowe

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – The wife of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has purchased vacant land at an upscale shopping center in Baton Rouge.

Terry Saban paid $750,000 for nearly two acres of vacant land at Perkins Rowe, according to the Baton Rouge Business Report….Photo Source is WAFB. That’s close to 87,120sf or $8.61 per square foot. More at Saban’s wife buys land at Perkins Rowe –


New appraisal estimates Perkins Rowe worth $95 million, 10 percent higher

The Baton Rouge Business Report reported an updated appraisal filed Monday says Perkins Rowe’s appraisal was bumped up from the $86 million estimate that was filed in court earlier this year. A new estimate has appraised Perkins Rowe, a shopping and dining complex in Baton Rouge, at $95 million, 10 percent higher than previous estimates.






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