Baton Rouge Home Appraiser: Buy This Poorly Designed Floor Plan And Live With Garage Full of Lint

poorly-designed-baton-rouge-homeBaton Rouge Home Appraiser: Don’t Buy This Poorly Designed Floor Plan! 

If you buy this floor plan, expect to have a garage full of lint for as long as you own this home!   Be sure to READ “The Lesson” below.

I’ve been appraising homes now for 21 years and in 21 years, I don’t remember seeing a floor plan as poorly designed as this one below. I was measuring this home recently, stepped into the garage and stepped into a pile of lint by the backdoor….I thought to myself how absolutely strange this was! I began looking around and this is what I found below. Both the garage concrete floor and owner’s car were covered in lint. How would you like to pay $10 to get your nice car cleaned, park it in your garage and the next morning find it covered in lint?


Owner’s auto is concealed to protect identity.



The Poorly Designed Laundry Room

Check out the lint in this Garage. I took several photos of piles of lint and the car inside Garage was covered with lint. The faulty design of laundry rm means they had to run the dryer exhaust into garage. They couldn’t run it into Storage Room because it would cause mold with constant hot wet air over time. Can’t or shouldn’t run it up into attic because that creates a fire hazard when stopped up and they do get stopped up. There really is no fix for this situation.






The Lesson here is for home buyers to think and examine what they’re buying and assume Buyer Beware until they are satisfied that home was designed intelligently and is free of major defects. At a minimum, get a home inspection report that would point out such short comings and then negotiate a purchase price based on what you the buyer may have to repair. Just because there’s professional listing photos and fresh paint doesn’t mean it’s an intelligent purchase until thoroughly checked out by you the buyer and your Home Inspector.

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