Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog Photo of Week: Pictometry 3D Aerials In Appraisals

Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog Photo of Week: Pictometry 3D Aerials In Appraisals

Pictometry from pictometry dot com provides 3D type side imagery similar to what a drone would film but without expensive cost of a drone photography/video job, which might cost $300. One set of pictometry images for one property may cost $5.00 to $10.00, depending on how many units are purchased up front. Pictometry can also show images of a property over several years to show condition or improvements over time. Pictometry could also be used for Real Estate Listing Marketing.


Pictometry Explained: Pictometry images are produced by a fleet of 73 aircraft that provide lower altitude images that are capable of showing five angles of a subject property. The new Aerial Imagery pulls five of the most recent Pictometry angles and includes your street view photo of the subject property.

The new Subject Aerial Imagery shows:
• Your street view photo
• Top view of subject property
• Oblique angles from North, South, East and West of the subject



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