When A Baton Rouge Bathroom Isn’t A Bathroom

There’s some confusion among those listing Baton Rouge Homes as to what is a bathroom listed in “Bathroom Count” and those that are not.  If a Bathroom isn’t located inside the heated and cooled “Living Area”, it’s not to be listed as a Bathroom in bath count on MLS Listings.

Here’s 3 recent sketches where on the MLS Listings, the Bath Count was incorrect because Agents included bathrooms outside of the “Living Area” such as:

1.) Those in an Accessory Unit accessed by walking outside the home, under the carport, into a Mother In Law Suite / Storage Room. The Listing did not include the 384sf MIL Suite as living area (and wasn’t supposed to) but did include the tiny full bath with shower as “3/1” when the 2,850sf home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths total.

Sketch 1

2.) An attached Sun Room of very low quality accessed only by walking through inside of garage, dodging cars in garage. The home had 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, not 3/3.

Sketch 2

3.) Swimming Pool 1/2 Bath located in Storage Area where you’d have to walk 35 to 40 feet outside of the living area to finally get to it.

Sketch 3
Generally these bathrooms are built of much less quality than bathrooms inside actual living area, see example below.  This is a tiny bathroom with cheap low quality shower and exposed plumbing that the Listing Agent counted as a Full Bathroom:


These extras are just that, extras, like a pool, outdoor kitchen, fence, etc..

If the bathroom isn’t located within the heated/cooled area of home, then it’s not the included in bathroom count on GBRMLS sheets. Thanks so much, Bill Cobb, Greater Baton Rouge’s Home Appraiser

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