HVCC Stands For Hijacked Vocation Completely Collapses

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HVCC Stands For Hijacked Vocation Completely Collapses


The Niche Report’s Appraiser Sound Off, August 2010 Issue has an interesting HVCC article titled, “Hijacked Vocation Completely Collapses“, written by Regina Hoover, owner of Sumner Appraisal Service in Middle Tennessee. This is certainly recommended reading on Tips to overcome HVCC. I have provided 3 snippet paragraphs below. Be sure to visit the Appraiser Sound Off for the entire article.

“Now when I hear the acronym HVCC, I hear “Hijacked vocation completely collapses.” Before you go off about how I speak from my emotions, let me clarify. I concur 100 percent! I absolutely speak from the heart when I talk about the widespread carnage caused to my profession by the passage of HVCC. First, let me say that the majority of lenders I have worked with were honest, ethical, hard-working professionals whose businesses have also been severely impacted by HVCC. So do not burn me in effigy and wonder, “Does she hate lenders?” The answer is a resounding no. These lenders were my clients. I knew their spouses’ names, celebrated their children’s births, thanked them for their business each year and watched them celebrate their clients’ dreams of homeownership. The difference is this: my clients and I did NOT collude with one another; they did not coerce me to provide values or to ignore condition issues. They were my clients but they also cared about their own clients; the consumer. In fact, we were a great fit. I was the real estate appraiser providing an honest valuation of a property for the loan collateral, and the lender, guiding their client, the consumer, in the loan process. It really is and always was that simple.”

“I have developed new relationships with divorce and real estate attorneys, RCS-D (Real Estate Collaborative Specialist-Divorce) realtors, home inspectors, and other real estate professionals; and people like Kelly Lise Murray, the new director of community and continuing education at Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville. Having worked closely with Kelly Murray and Wendy Waselle, co-founders of DivorceThisHouse.com, I have found an entire segment of the population, divorcing homeowners, who absolutely need the very service I provide: an unbiased opinion of fair market value for real estate involved in their divorce process. And despite their troubles, this segment of the population, reported at 50 percent, understands the need for experienced real estate appraisers. They and their attorneys happily allow the time required to produce a credible real estate appraisal in today’s complicated real estate market. In fact, they absolutely depend upon it.

So don’t give up my fellow appraisers. Go out there and find YOUR new definition of HVCC. I bet it’s bigger than you think.”

HVCC Stands For Hijacked Vocation Completely Collapses

Regina Hoover, owner of Sumner Appraisal Service, has been appraising real estate in the Middle Tennessee area since 1996. Ms. Hoover is a Certified Residential Appraiser but is nearing completion of her commercial license certification. Ms. Hoover specializes in the appraisal of real estate for divorce and estate settlement purposes. Ms. Hoover also provides consulting services to lenders, realtors, and other real estate related professionals in growing their business through the divorce real estate niche. Regina may be reached at[email protected] or www.sumnerappraisal.com.

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HVCC Stands For Hijacked Vocation Completely Collapses

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