Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz: Video Listings Site is now online! – Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz: Video Listings Site is now online!

Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz: Video Listings Site Is Now Online!  is here!  We have created accounts for some of you, so try and log in FIRST with your 1st and last name (NO SPACES), and the password is “password.”  If you have any questions at all about how to load your listings, create a Realtor Spotlight Page, or any questions at all… please feel free to call or email me.  For those of you who do not have an account, just click the “Register” button to do so.  This site is SURE to get your listings sold faster than any other advertising available once it has been exposed to the Greater Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area!  And YES…. every feature on our website is FREE!!!!  

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Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz: Video Listings Site Is Now Online!

What is brHomelistings? 
 It’s the first real estate listing website designed primarily around video as a means of reaching potential buyers.  The system is designed to quickly connect buyers with the property that the buyer is looking for.  Here are some ways in which we’re making finding a home in the Greater Baton Rouge Metropolitan area faster, more effective and more fun:

Video! Video! Video!
Buyers have said it… Sellers and Realtors have said it… Market Analysts are saying it.  Now, as if it we’re from a Beetle Juice episode, video is here!  Video is in the process of revolutionizing the way real estate is marketed and sold online.  Our real estate search engine is designed to really encourage users to use video along with their listing.  Of course, we do pictures and text as well, but hey, that’s so 1999 and boring!  People want to see video and current web trends are strongly reflecting that.  We’ve made it simple to cut & paste a simple youtube video URL and have the video professionally displayed on your listing’s page.

Single Click Search (Touch Search)
By clicking or touching once on a search option in the search page, the listing results automatically narrow down to show only those listings with that particular criteria.  Each time you click or touch a new option, the results continue to narrow down accordingly.  This new search feature will make searching for a home easy and fun on all new touch-based mobile devices!

Jot and Jump
Jot and Jump is our revolutionary new way to quickly pull up a house that a buyer finds while driving around.  Our yard signs (provided by Fast Signs) have a space where the Jot and Jump number is printed in LARGE BOLD characters.  When a buyer sees a yard sign she only needs to visit and type in the Jot and Jump number on the home page and click “Jump To It!”  In one click, the listing will be displayed for her.  Simple.  Fast.  Extremely effective.  You can even provide jot and jump numbers on your own flyers, cards, etc to quickly direct buyers to specific listings on

Realtor Spotlight
We don’t just want to reinvent the wheel, we want to redefine it.  What is the Realtor Spotlight page?  Well, in short, it is what the majority of Realtors today want when they go hunting for a way to publish their own website–and more.  A place to post your name, agency, contact information and your listings.  Only, we’re taking it a step further–and in a way you’re gonna love.  We’re building the full Touch Search feature right into your Realtor Spotlight page so that visitors can search only your listings!  Send out a link to your Realtor Spotlight page via email, facebook, text, twitter or however you choose, and when visitors come to it, they will see no competing agents or advertisements.  It’s okay, we could almost cry with excitement too!

Did Somebody Say FREE?
Like a cheap commercial from the 1980’s we just want to say “and that’s not all!”  It’s true, every feature listed above is provided at no charge to the buyer, seller or realtor.

We have so many ideas that if we tried to pack them all in before launch, we would never launch.  What we’re providing at launch is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is a contact us form displayed on the site that can be used to send feedback, bug reports and suggestions.  We’re looking forward to revitalizing and re-energizing real estate in the Greater Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area with you!


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Baton Rouge Real Estate Buzz: Video Listings Site Is Now Online!

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