3 Tips for using video and image marketing to generate business – PART 1

Mark’s advice is most helpful for all real estate professionals!  Building your “Trust Agent” status in your local community can be accomplished via video marketing.  Enjoy! Bill 

Via Kodak Real Estate Solutions ~ Mark Walser (Eastman Kodak Company):

3 tips for using video and image marketing to generate business – PART 1

Hi everyone! So this past week I was at NAR. It was a great time and I look forward to sharing some of that experience with you. Our Kodak booth had an immense amount of traffic at NAR, and we also had the chance to attend and support New Orleans Raincamp and hang out with Ben Kinney, ActiveRain, and Market Leader. Our Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera was definitely the star of the show, and I want to thank ActiveRain and Market Leader for the opportunity to speak at their venues and reciprocating in kind!

3 Tips For Using Video And Image Marketing To Generate Business - PART 1

The hottest topic in technology at NAR was how to use video in your real estate business. Social Media is important, but video and images are where it’s at now; and thanks to being indexable (read “search engine” capable), it is a must have piece of the real estate agent’s arsenal that can be used to generate business.

We were fortunate enough to have a significant contribution to this at NAR in having an absolutely AWESOME lineup of speakers at our booth, many of them speaking about the latest technology tools and tips to use Video and Image marketing in your business. In the coming weeks I’ll be featuring some of them in my Posts including Shannon King, Nicole Nicolay (aka Nik Nik), Verl Workman, Terri Murphy, Herman Chan, Drew Burks, Amy Chorew, Tricia Andreassen, Mark Porter, Bob Corcoran, James Dwiggins, and more. We’ll post the sessions on ActiveRain for the community soon! It’s so important to me and Kodak that we be actively giving back to the real estate community, and I can think of no better way than to feature successful, wonderful real estate pros like these folks who use our products and are so willing to give of their time and expertise to the community!


3 Tips For Using Video And Image Marketing To Generate Business - PART 1   3 Tips For Using Video And Image Marketing To Generate Business - PART 1

(Herman Chan (www.habitatforhermanity.com ) and Verl Workman teach at our Kodak booth!)

While I’m in no way the stars that these amazing individuals are, I did have a chance to teach at several seminars about video and image marketing, and I wanted to share the 3 tips that I gave to help agents be CONNECTED and INVOLVED with your prospects and clients before and after the deal is closed. Today’s post will feature the first one:

1) Make an Agent Bio Video

This is a great tip which is a “must have” for working both internet leads and personal referrals. Video offers you a way to create highly personalized experience for a potential client and putting a personal and warm greeting touch to your introduction. When I asked the audience to raise their hand if they had already made an agent bio video, almost none did! 

But never fear, it’s EASY to do and you should all have one by the end of the week with these easy tips below.

Benefits of the Agent Bio Video

a. Introduces you as the expert in the area

b. Lets them know a little bit about your personality and how you work with clients

c. Helps drive your search engine ranking when posted on Youtube, your ActiveRain Rainmaker profile, and Facebook.

Tips for making the Agent Bio Video

a. Keep it under 2 minutes, 3 minutes maximum to keep the attention of the user, especially a new internet lead.

b. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but shoot it in morning light with good audio

c. Post it on Youtube, and get the “Share” link to embed in your website and your signature on your email.

d. Make it fun and inviting!

e. All of the above is free and easy with Youtube.

How to make the Agent Bio Video

a. First, get a great camera like our Kodak Zi8 that has an external microphone jack. Use the external mic for great audio quality.

b. Shoot the video in 720p or 1080p High Definition, use a tripod for stability and so that you can stand and naturally perform in front of the camera.

c. Edit the video either with the built-in software or sites like www.animoto.com to easily create a quick video that can be posted to YOUTUBE. (Hint, our Zi8 comes with software that can help you auto-post your video quickly to YOUTUBE)

Last tip: Replicate the concept for your areas you serve

You may serve multiple areas. So make a version of the video for each area you serve, and keep it handy or in your signature to send to a client when they find you on the internet. This also gets more of YOU out there on Youtube and can help your search engine ranking.

But what if I don’t look good or don’t talk perfectly?

The video doesn’t have to be perfect, because you aren’t. People appreciate “real”, and as long as you are professional and clear, you’ll be fine. Also, if you absolutely feel that you can’t be in front of the camera, then be behind it and walk around your area highlighting great things about the community to illustrate your knowledge of the neighborhoods. At the end, get your headshot and upload it and your video to www.animoto.com or similar sites like www.wellcomemat.com which will stitch your video and photo into one cohesive video clip instantly. This is a nice substitute for you being in front of the camera. For a good example of how to use Video to promote yourself, check out Herman Chan’s Habitat for Hermanity and note how he uses YOUTUBE to promote his expertise to agents and buyers alike.

Please take advantage of our show special price on the Zi8 Video Camera of only $129.99 with free shipping to the Continental USA. We also sell the Zi8 on our Canadian Kodak store as well. Hope this information is helpful and thank you for considering Kodak for your business office and video needs!

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3 Tips For Using Video And Image Marketing To Generate Business - PART 1

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