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Real Estate Appraiser Tips On Backing Up Your Appraisal Data

There was a discussion on the SFREP Yahoo Users Board today that started out with this thread from “LandP”:

Does anyone know if there any real differences between off site back up systems? I use carbonite and was told recently that carbonite was nowhere near as good as Acronis. How can this be, aren’t they basically the same program? I’ve also been told that offsite backups are nowhere nearly as good as mirrored hard drives, Ghost and similar systems. In my way of thinking, if I have a major crash, as long as I can restore data for my reports, all my PDF copies and outlook email files, I’ll not worry about the other inconveniences. When some tell me in great detail about what they do to backup data, it sounds like a part time job for all the effort. What do the rest of you do? I had one major crash about 5 years ago and guess what, my computer tech guy was still able to transfer practically everything to my new computer. I can’t use him anymore because he got hired by a big computer company, be he did tell me once that he thought appraisers went to far too much trouble and expense for backups consiering what we’re saving. Sometimes I wonder if we’re buying peace of mind with all those programs.”

AND Ended With Matt Johnson, From SFREP or Software For Real Estate Professionals, Ending The Discussion with this good advice below:

I whole heartily recommend Carbonite. I think it does an excellent job. Also, I completely disagree that offsite backup is not as good as a mirrored drive.

How so? What if your office burned down or was destroyed in a bad storm, flooded or everything was stolen. A mirrored drive will be taken out at the same time because it is sitting right next to your computer.

Your best bet is to do a local, external hard drive backup in addition to using Carbonite. Carbonite is good because it is hands off and very easy to use.

There is a formula for making sure you are fully backed up. It is called 3-2-1 of Backing up.

3 different copies (the original and two backups)
2 different types of storage media (like online and external hard drive)
1 of the copies has to be off-site (in this case, Carbonite

Hope that helps…

Matt Johnson
Software Development and Training
Sylva, North Carolina

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