Real Estate Appraiser Tips! Home Appraisers: Appraisal Red Flags To Avoid! – Real Estate Appraiser Tips! Home Appraisers: Appraisal Red Flags To Avoid!


This was posted on Ann O’Rourke’s Appraisal Today email this morning.

“Appraisal Abuse Red Flags for bank examiners when reviewing appraisals
– No appraisal or property evaluation in file.

– Mortgage broker or borrowers that always use the same appraiser.

– Appraiser bills association for more than one appraisal when there is only one in the file.

– Unusual appraisal fees (high or low).

– No history of property or prior sales records.

– Market data located away from subject property.

Unsupported or unrealistic assumptions relating to capitalization rates, zoning change, utility availability, absorption, or rent level.

– Valued for highest and best use, which is different from current use.

– Appraisal method using retail value of one unit in condo complex multiplied by the number of units equals collateral value.

– Use of superlatives in appraisals.

– Appraisal made for borrower.

– Appraisals performed or dated after loan.

– Close relationship between builder, broker, appraiser, lender and/or borrower.

– Overvalued (inflated) or high property value.

Office of Thrift Supervision May 2010 Examination Handbook 360.13

Click here to download the report”

Real Estate Appraiser Tips! Home Appraisers: Appraisal Red Flags To Avoid!

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