Perform Better Residential Appraisals -Get Less Underwriter Corrections Request

About 4 Years Ago, I discovered one of the most helpful resources for residential appraisers struggling with the newer FNMA 1004 form and struggling to know just how to satisfy underwriter's concerns in home appraisals.   After all, not every home we appraise is going to have at least 1 comp located within 1 mile from the subject property.   Not every comp we use is going to have the same # of bedrooms.  How can you perform better appraisals and receive much less underwriter corrections request?   The Solution is Robert Mann's "LINE-BY-LINE PREPARATION OF A QUALITY (NEW) UNIFORM RESIDENTIAL APPRAISAL REPORT" and his 3 other very helpful appraisal manuals for 2-4 Family Properties and "SOLVING APPRAISAL PROBLEMS THROUGH ADJUSTMENTS: RULES AND NON-TRADITIONAL OPTIONS".   My experience with using all of Bob's manuals over the past 4 years has proven to me that they are welll worth the small investment as I honestly hate to deal with underwriter corrections notices.  And, because of his manuals, with the many appraisal form changes over the past 2 years, I haven't been slowed down in my appraisal practice. 

Some of the Objectives Of His Manuals are:

  • Explain the lines on the new URAR 1004 and new 2-4 Unit 1025 and suggest specific information you should consider.
  • Illustrate the many erroneous, inaccurate and inadequate ways the new URAR (1004) and 2-4 Unit (1025) form are completed.
  • Develop comments, templates and quality tips so you know what should be on the URAR (1004) and 2-4 Unit (1025) forms.
  • Ensure an immediate improvement in your new URAR and new 2-4 Unit appraisal practice.
  • Number, cross-reference, full index and key instruction to the new URAR 1004 and new 2-4 Unit 1025 form.
  • Solve SCA appraisal problems through 40+ adjustment options.

You can find Robert Mann's Manuals @ Residential Appraisal Manuals (Co.) Web Site.

To Your Continued Success As A Residential Appraiser, William D. Cobb

Perform Better Residential Appraisals -Get Less Underwriter Corrections Request

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