Baton Rouge Home Inspections Should Include Repair Cost Estimate Ranges


Choosing a Good Home Inspector Bill Cobb Appraisers Mission or Platform within Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate is “Helping Locals Make Informed Housing Decisions!” which is why I highly recommend obtaining a Home Inspection whether the home is new or old. Bill Cobb Appraiser at 225-293-1500 YES, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A HOME INSPECTION for both New and Existing Homes! Choosing A Good Home Inspector I do agree with her statement though, especially when “Time Is Of The Essense” in responding to a purchase agreement within 24 to 48 hours and a buyer doesn’t know how much the repairs are Continue reading

Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog Photo of Week: Pictometry 3D Aerials In Appraisals


Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog Photo of Week: Pictometry 3D Aerials In Appraisals Pictometry from pictometry dot com provides 3D type side imagery similar to what a drone would film but without expensive cost of a drone photography/video job, which might cost $300. One set of pictometry images for one property may cost $5.00 to $10.00, depending on how many units are purchased up front. Pictometry can also show images of a property over several years to show condition or improvements over time. Pictometry could also be used for Real Estate Listing Marketing. Pictometry Explained: Pictometry images are produced by a Continue reading

Baton Rouge Homeowners overvalue by 8 percent, over improve their homes


I wish every Baton Rouge Homeowner would read this: Owners tend to overvalue homes by about 8 percent, over improve their homes Bill Cobb Appraiser’s Bat Rouge Real Estate insight: I wish every Baton Rouge Homeowner would read this: Owners tend to overvalue homes by about 8 percent, over improve their homes – by noted columnist, Ken Harney: Owners tend to overvalue homes NOTE: As I always indicate, we live in America and as a homeowner, you can install any upgrade you desire to your home, whether that upgrade makes economic or logical sense or not (whether the upgrade is Continue reading

Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Listing Appraisals Include Home Sketch Room Sizes


Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Listing Home Appraisals Include Home Sketch With Room Sizes. Greater Baton Rouge Pre-Listing Home Appraisals The room sizes are important to local REALTORS® because MLS sheets require room sizes to be listed. Bill Cobb providing room sizes on his pre-lisitng sketches helps your home be listed faster, if your home is being listed. If listing FSBO or, it helps potential buyers determine online if your room sizes will suit their needs. An, the “Sketch Image” Bill provides can be uploaded along with home photos provided by Bill Cobb Appraiser. FOR GBRAR AGENTS, I CAN INCLUDE THE Continue reading

Pre-Listing Home Appraisals – Real Estate Broker Recommends Baton Rouge Sellers Obtain Them

Bill Cobb Appraiser wants to share wisdom from Real Estate Broker Collier Swecker who video blogs about the importance of obtaining a Listing Price Home Appraisal prior to putting your home on the market in Birmingham Alabama. Collier is located in Birmingham AL, in “The South”, in a similar housing market as Baton Rouge. His tips in this video are of value to locals in Baton Rouge Real Estate and I quote Collier below. VIDEO: Collier Swecker on Pre-Listing Appraisals “Hello, everybody. Collier Swecker in Birmingham, Alabama. I hope everybody’s having an awesome day. I wanted to share with Continue reading

Does an “allowance” in a Baton Rouge purchase agreement have any pull in an appraisal?

allowances in baton rouge purchase agreements for decorating

I recently received this question from a local Greater Baton Rouge REALTOR®: “Does an “allowance” in a purchase agreement have any pull in an appraisal?” Good question. Allowances indicate dated condition to an Appraiser One question a Baton Rouge Appraiser would ask is if the seller is offering a decorating allowance, whick is really a concession, of say $5,000 for carpet and paint, is the listing over priced? Seriously. Is the $5,000 just another concession and the seller is having to pay a buyer to buy their home? Same with excessive seller paid concessions over $3,000 to $4,000 of say Continue reading

When A Baton Rouge Bathroom Isn’t A Bathroom

Sketch 2

There’s some confusion among those listing Baton Rouge Homes as to what is a bathroom listed in “Bathroom Count” and those that are not.  If a Bathroom isn’t located inside the heated and cooled “Living Area”, it’s not to be listed as a Bathroom in bath count on MLS Listings. Here’s 3 recent sketches where on the MLS Listings, the Bath Count was incorrect because Agents included bathrooms outside of the “Living Area” such as: 1.) Those in an Accessory Unit accessed by walking outside the home, under the carport, into a Mother In Law Suite / Storage Room. The Continue reading

Baton Rouge Home Appraisals 2015 Housing Market Commentary

Baton Rouge Home Appraiser

Baton Rouge Home Appraisers 225-293-1500, 2015 Greater Baton Rouge Housing Market Commentary In this video, Veteran Baton Rouge Home Appraiser, Bill Cobb, offers optimism about the 2015 Baton Rouge Housing Market.     A resource for locals in Greater Baton Rouge to help understand the real estate appraisal process and where it fits into their home valuation. Videos are by veteran Home Appraiser Bill Cobb and Accurate Valuations Group   Home Appraisals Baton Rouge Dot Com Appraiser in Baton Rouge LA, Home Appraisal Guys, HomeAppraisalGuys

Baton Rouge Appraiser Tips When Hiring Building Contractors

The Baton Rouge Appraisal Blog Pic Of The Week July 15 2014 is a tip for home owners hiring a Baton Rouge Building Contractor to remodel your home.     Check out the four photos below and the five (5) tips I’m recommending you need to be aware of, problems the Contractor added to this family’s financial life.  The photos show the “After” of a Contractor’s renovation. 1.) Look at the birds nest mess of wiring the Contractor left improperly installed and pointed out by Home Inspection as a major repair issue. 3.) Yes, I’m skipping to #3.  Contractor failed Continue reading

Will Baton Rouge Homes With Garages Have More Value Than Carports?

Car Theft Thieves Caught After Hickory Ridge Subdivision Thefts

Will Baton Rouge Homes With Garages Have More Value Than Homes With Just Open, Non Secure Carports?  I’m talking about protecting your automobiles and leaving one less door for a thief to break into.  Baton Rouge Home Safety Concerns When Buying Your Next Baton Rouge House 3 Thieves breaking into cars at 2am in Hickory Ridge Subdivision, Baton Rouge 70817. Open Carports make for easy access to thieves. Thieves shoot someone trying to stop them which causes a high speed chase and eventual capture. With crime like this increasing, it would be wise to buy a home with a garage, install Continue reading